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How to make an “anykernel”

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

This post will instruct you how to create an “anykernel” version of a kernel directly on your thunderbolt.

Anykernel versions of kernels do not rewrite the ramdisk of a rom and keeps the tweaks the developer has included in the rom. However by using the anykernel you will lose any tweaks or scripts the kernel developer has included in the kernel.

First you will need the anykernel template from and a copy of the unmodified kernel you wish to make an anykernel version of. You will also need , , and .

Now using root explorer extract the anykernel zip file. Go to extracted and copy the file named “unpackbootimg”.

Next you will need to navigate to the /data directory on the root of your phone, create a new folder called “anykernel”, here you need to paste the unpackbootimg file.

Now go back to the kernel zip and extract all from it. Go to extracted and find the “boot.img” file. Copy the boot.img file and paste it in /data/anykernel

Now you need to make the unpackbootimg file executable. This I like to do in terminal, but you can do it in root explorer if you want to. I suggest opening terminal then type the following commands:
chmod 755 /data/anykernel/unpackbootimg

Now you are ready to extract the zImage from the boot image. This is also done in terminal. Use the following commands directly (the . and / are required):
cd /data/anykernel
./unpackbootimg boot.img

Now exit terminal and go back to root explorer. Navigate to the /data/anykernel directory and you will notice more folders than you had previously. The file we want is called “boot.img-zImage”. Copy that file and navigate back to extracted on your SD card.

Paste the zImage file in the kernel directory of the anykernel zip that you have extracted and rename it zImage. Next navigate to the original kernel you extracted earlier and got the boot.img from. In this kernel you need to copy everything from the /system/lib/modules directory and paste them in the /system/lib/modules directory of the anykernel template.

From here navigate to /sdcard/extracted/anykernel. Select all the files here using the menu multi select option and create a zip. Name the zip whatever you like.

Now you have the zip packed up you just need to sign it to make it flashable. Open Signapktic and select the file you just zipped, it will be in the /sdcard/speedsoftware/zip directory of the SD and press next. You should choose testkey to sign it with then press next. You will then be prompted to name the zip file. Finally you can sign it. By default the signed zip will be placed on the root of your SD card.

And you are done, boot into recovery, make a backup and flash away.

Please remember I am not responsible for you effing up your phone, backups are very important when you are flashing anything in recovery.

Things to come

Friday, August 5th, 2011

Soon I will start posting a series of articles regarding hacking and customizing rooted android phones specifically the Thunderbolt, but will try to make the articles as phone agnostic as possible. First I will provide instructions on how to flash a rom in clockworkmod recovery, later posts will include changing your screen density, changing boot animations, and who knows what else…stay tuned…I also plan on updating the podcast reviews, rom reviews (which I may be submitting to another site as well), android app reviews, and more.

If you are into Android and haven’t been there yet check out I’m there