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Holidroid contest Dec 14

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011


Christmas avatar collection

Monday, December 12th, 2011


Random Thoughts

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

Random things pop into my head. Why not document them?

They say belief in conspiracy theories is a sign of schizophrenia…but I am pretty sure that is a conspiracy.

Is it ironic to pirate torrent software?

If the Myan calendar predicted the end of the world being December 21, 2012 why aren’t the Myans still around?

I am of European decent, however I was born in the United States, why doesn’t that make me a Native American…I want to run a casino.

If a white man from South Africa moves to the United States is he consitered an African American?

Stereotypes are correct sometimes or else they would not exist.

Why is it that the more something costs the more redundancy is built into it’s processes?

The best time you have drinking will happen before you are old enough to buy your drinks.

Why don’t psychics play the lottery?

If seers from the past are legit why are their predictions so vague?

Why are the forums for Amish people?

How can something be both new and improved?

Ever notice when you were in school and you had an event where you were sitting on the ground outside the grass was so interesting?


Thursday, December 9th, 2010

Due to the receipt of 100′s of spam comments here as well as some issues going on with my family and work, comments have been turned off. This should change soon. I am in the process of filtering the spam comments from real comments. I plan to update the blog soon. I have been playing some different games on my Droid and have a few more podcasts to review. Recently I have also been checking out podiobooks and plan to review several of the books available there. I may also try to put out a few short stories that have been floating around in my head. Keep in mind that may is a very big and there is no commitment or time table.

I have disabled comments on this site currently. These will be enabled again once I have finished filtering the spam and non-spam comments, until then if you would like to get in touch with me regarding a post please email me at yeahha [at] yeahha.com

Edit: 12/11/2010: All comments have been deleted, I am not able to spend hours upon hours to scan 1900 comments to keep 10 of them. Several IPs have been blocked due to obvious spam comments. Currently comments are still off so if you wish to tell me something about a post keep using the email address listed above.

Edit: 12/13/2010: New spam filters in place. To make a comment you will need to complete a captcha and it will be held for moderation. After a period of time if I can determine that spam comments are being filtered properly I will remove the moderation portion. Keep in mind you can still contact me at yeahha [at] yeahha.com if you want to. More posts to come.

Edit: 12/17/2010: Still receiving HUNDREDS of spam comments daily however the measures I took have been working and not a single spam comment has made it onto my site! It appears ALL the comments are coming from an IP hosted by Ecatel. Research into this leads me to a conclusion that it is against their policies and I have sent the offending IP info to their abuse reporting system.